Thursday, March 3, 2016

Soul Music Revue on Princess Cruise Ship

My wife and I recently experienced cruise ship life on the Princess Regal.  My wife planned the trip and did a great job.  The ship was well maintained and the service top notch.  One night we went to see a show that was publicized as a soul music review featuring the sounds of Motown.  So we went hearing that it was a good show.  We're in our seats and the show begins.  About 8-10 singers/dancers emerge from the wings of the stage.  But, only one of them, a female, is black!  So, I'm thinking , "okay this is the first group of singers."  They sing some early 1960's hits, Wilson Pickett, etc.  Then 5 white male singers go into a Temptations and Four Tops routine.  Now I'm sitting in my seat in semi shock.  I'm thinking, "Lord have mercy.  It's a Motown soul music review featuring the Pat Boone singers and dancers."  Note, you have to be over 50 to understand the reference to Pat Boone!  So new generation folks can Google the name.

I'm pretty much speechless through the rest of the show.  I was thinking to myself, "this is a damn shame."  Princess Cruises couldn't find one black male to be a fake Temptation!  That's why black unemployment is three times what it is for white people.  The Brothers don't even get a call for an entertainment job.  Maybe the White Oscars was only the tip of the iceberg in the entertainment industry?

Yeah, the white performers did display some good skills.  But if you're making oatmeal cookies, you don't replace the oatmeal with grits!

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