Monday, July 18, 2016

Paying for the Mistakes of Others

Yesterday in Baton Rouge there was another incident of policemen being shot and killed.  Prior to the police killings in Dallas, policemen have been intermittently targeted in ambush situations.  The death of two black men killed by police in the past weeks has given those hating police the opportunity they have been waiting for.  People who have a grudge against policeman now appear to be attempting to take advantage of the bad feelings towards police. These people are taking it upon themselves to kill innocent policemen and bring turmoil to the families of the policemen. They are also bringing more fear to police who  already are in a position of fear when going about their daily jobs.

Now we have increased the stress of being a policeman.  Now the likelihood of a black man being shot because of a policeman's "fear" may have increased.  This could bring about more mistakes being made by police as they attempt to protect themselves. Now the time for increased training and improved community relations between the police and those they serve becomes more important.

Imagine having to start your day wondering if you will be coming home alive that day?  If that is not stress what is?  We have placed the police in  a war time situation and sent them out to do their job untrained in all they need to do.

Innocent policeman are now paying for the mistakes, bad judgements, and bad decisions of their peers.   Those policemen who killed innocent black men in the past have now brought unwarranted harm to good policeman who are just trying to do their jobs.  Current policemen who know of a peer whose actions, words, or behavior are racist should report those officers to those in charge.  Why let the entire police occupation suffer for the sins of a few?  Screen the bad candidates from becoming policemen.  Fire those who do not need to maintain their job as a policeman.

We don't need more town halls and meetings.  We now need action.  For the families of the good policemen we owe them! We owe their spouses, children, fathers and mothers the right to be able to see them come home safely.

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