Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Terrorist Proofing Public Events

Another breaking news flash from overseas.  Suicide bombers gain entry to an airport area. We've seen and heard the reports before.  On this occasion in the past week one of the bombers was wearing wardrobe that was noticeably to hot for the weather.  This tipped off security to stop him.  But, the gunfire that ensued between the terrorists and the police wasn't enough to prevent the terrorists from getting within an area to inflict deadly harm on innocent people inside the terminal area.

One option seems apparent.  Setting up an area outside a public location or event where people would be screened.  Keeping terrorists out of an airport terminal, restaurant, mall or other public areas seems necessary.  Yes it would be a hassle, just as being searched prior to boarding a plane is a hassle.  But steps need to be taken to further ensure safety of the general public.  How many lives need to be sacrificed until security is raised a notch?

New public structures being built need to be built with the thought of making them terrorist proof.  Inconvenience versus safety is becoming the new norm.  The suicide bomber as a threat needs to become a retired event.  If people want to blow themselves up that is a choice they have to make.  But, we can't allow them to take innocent people with them!

Having layers of security is not a new concept.  Not allowing terrorists to gain entry inside an event or near the entrance should be the goal.  The technology apparently exists to screen people in many ways.  Now, not later is the time to fully implement measures to foil terrorist plots.

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