Saturday, April 6, 2019

My Annual "Escape from the Worldly News"

It is that time again.  The pronouncements on television news shows regarding "Breaking News" has once again gotten on my nerves.  It's a reminder that someone somewhere has decided to bombard me with video and audio of events in the world they have decided I need to see and hear about.  From among the hundreds of thousands of events occurring in the world, someone has digested those into 13-20 stories I am forcefully being fed.  That is if I consent to sit in my chair and allow the TV to bombard me.  But, I have chosen not to be bombarded.

I have served notice to my spouse that the only thing I want to know is the weather forecast; if there is an escaped criminal in the area I should be aware of; and if there are any food recalls or other health emergencies.  Other wise why do I need some stranger bestowed with a title of importance to tell me what is the latest "news"?  If I want to find out the news I'll seek the info from the variety of internet sites and then determine if what they are showing is truly news or just human gossip or human interest stories.

If I don't watch the news what am I truly missing?  Apparently not much because each day I survive without hearing about the myriad of ridiculous events, crimes, and misdemeanors happening around me or in the world.  Yes, many are tragic stories.  But the fact is there is nothing that will change in my life based on most of the stories I see and hear. So why bother to watch the news?  Go out and make your own news.  But make sure your news has a positive outcome.  Don't go out to adversely impact the lives of someone.  Do a good deed.  Help someone overcome a problem.

Sure you are going to miss out on hearing about the antics of people, and the absurdity of what people can do.  Ask yourself what have you lost in not hearing what you already know about the nature of people?  We are violent, we suffer from bouts where we can't control our emotions.  We use artificial substances for a variety of "pleasures" only because we can.  What benefit are you receiving by hearing about the same events day after day after day?

I saw no benefit to the regurgitation of daily non sense especially in the political arena.  I don't need to know that another person is running for the office of President of the United States.  I only need to read about the viewpoints and ideas of that person when it is time for me to decide who to support.

Save yourself from the "news" that really is not news.  It's just drama packaged into 30 minutes because for years that was the forum to tell you what people want you to know.  Go for a walk, read a chapter in a book, go to a movie for real pretend drama that is made to entertain you.

Take at least a month off then check back in to see if you really missed "the news".

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