Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gay Batwoman Character

Sunday morning.  I'm preparing to get ready to drive to Sunday morning church services.  The television is on in the background to the sounds of the morning news, weather and sports.  A commercial comes out and features an upcoming series about Batwoman.  I see that Batwoman is in the bed and appears to be kissing or hugging another woman.

This is the state of television in the year 2019.  We are constantly being bombarded with images of people in gay relationships as if this is the new normal.  We are told to accept these images as they are part of the new normal life for human beings.

But what they don't tell you that it was not the intent of our Creator, God for us to indulge in homosexual relations.  But mankind does what mankind wants to do.  It's always been this way since the days of Adam and Eve.  Even through God oversaw the  destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for the rebellious life of humans to include homosexuality, people have continued to do what they want to do.

I cringe when I see these advertisements featuring gay characters.  I shake my head when a story line for a TV series or even a movie feels the need to  promote the character as being gay.  These are the images we promote to our children as being normal behavior and Godly behavior?  There seems to be an inordinate number of TV series that cater to children that promotes gay relationships.  For those of us who believe in Christianity we know this is part of the behavior that will eventually lead to the Last Days of mankind on Earth.  All we can do is point to the bible and God's plan for how we are to live our lives on Earth.  It is clear that the homosexual lifestyle is not what God intended for us.

People need to reject the promotion of gay relationships.  These images  are promoting the plan of Satan to support anything that runs contrary to God's plan.  What's next, a story about a human having a sexual relationship with an animal?

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