Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Orlando Internationlal Outlet Mall Charges $10 to park??

On two recent trips to the Orlando, Florida area I saw first hand the greed that exists among some businesses.  In Orlando off I-4 the Simon Group has the Orlando International Outlet Mall which charges customers $10 to park in the nearest public lot near the mall stores.  Yes, that is $10 to park in spaces that previously were free to park in.  What do you get for your $10?  Absolutely nothing.  The Simon Group somehow has allowed the mall to reap in thousands of dollars per week by ripping off customers who want to park close to the mall area.  The parking spaces were never intended to be paid parking spots.  Most malls offer free parking because they understand that the customers are coming to the mall to spend money on items other than parking.

I was outraged to see the mall charging for parking.  We arrived early enough the first time to avoid the parking fee.  They had yet to block off all the parking lanes and put up the $10 fee notice.  The second time we shopped at the mall I avoided the area on purpose when I saw they already had the $10 fee signs posted.  There is nothing special about the parking spots other than that they are the closest ones to the shops.  Normally a first come, first park policy is in effect for most stores/malls.  But apparently the Simon Group believes that the first person with $10 to pay should have first right to the parking spots.  Yes, it's all about greed and making money any way you can.

I suggest people refuse to pay the fee and leave all the spots empty.  Then Simon will see how stupid it looks to charge people $10 to park in the parking lot nearest to the mall.  There is another lot right across from the "greedy lot" which is where we parked the second time.

Boycott the $10 lot and show Simon Group how stupid and greedy this practice should stop immediately.  #boycottOrlandointernationalmallparking

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