Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Stop and Think

After seeing the news of the death of Kobe Bryant, my initial reaction of shock and sadness turned the corner into another direction.  The media seemed to be ignoring that other people perished.  That irritated me.  Their lives are important too I thought.  The media kept repeating only Kobe Bryant as the focus of the story.  Then news came out that Kobe’s daughter was on the helicopter also.  Finally, more news came out that nine people including the pilot were on the helicopter.  At last other people were being acknowledged, but the focus was still on the celebrity, the basketball star.

That focus did not seem correct.  Yes, he was well known for his exploits on the basketball court, but these other people were important too.  They should not just be asterisks to the primary loss of life.  But as family of those who perished were informed, the full names of those who perished came out.  Some media attempted to acknowledge that the loss went beyond one family and beyond the sport of basketball.  It impacted the lives of other families and they were noteworthy and important.

Then I heard reports that the helicopter had been flying in foggy weather conditions where visibility was poor.  My thoughts were why would adults make a decision to fly in perilous weather and visibility conditions when they were taking kids along with them?  What was so important that they would risk lives by traveling in such conditions?  Would it be so terrible if they had arrived an hour or two later via the congested highways?  At least they would be alive.

People kept referring to the “Mamba mentality”. I thought to myself, I hope the pressure to stay in the “Mamba mentality” mode didn’t contribute to the decision to board the helicopter in poor weather conditions.  But this is a sometimes-Godless world where we as people get caught up in our own thoughts and concepts and forget that we don’t control our lives as we think we do.

That is the lesson that has been directed my way from this tragedy.  When presented with conditions that may be a threat to your life or the lives of others, pull back from an only choice aggressive attitude.  Especially if it involves the lives of children.  Have a servant of God mentality.  Humble yourself.  Pray before deciding what course of action you will take in potentiality dangerous conditions.  We need to choose life, especially when the other option has negative impact on the lives of others.

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