Monday, January 6, 2020

Proud of Our "Great Ideas"?

I saw an article in a local newspaper that seemed to be applauding the creation of a "baby box" at a fire station of a local community.  It was as if they were patting themselves on the back for establishing a box for an unwanted baby to be left in.  I thought to myself it's really sad when we as people think creating a box for an unwanted baby is the best we can do as humans.

Is creating a baby box at a fire station the best option?  Why not allow for dropping off a baby at a hospital?  Why not a police station?  Abandoning a baby itself is one of the worst things we can do as a human being.  Yes, it is better to place a baby in a designated box rather than a trash car or abandoned on the street somewhere?  But a box?  Yes, the box alerts those inside there is a human life awaiting someone to pull it out of the box.

It just seems that the article, though well meaning, really was pointing out our human lack of ability to get to the root of the problem.  Valuing human life itself, not the ability of man to create a flawed method, should be our focus.

A baby box points out the flaws in our human character and our methods to respond to those flaws.  So what is next?  Are we going to create "homeless boxes" built into walls of abandoned buildings that will serve as a sleeping quarters for the homeless during cold weather?  Are we going to place un used food in boxes on street corners as a way to feed the poor?

Sometimes we as people create some good ideas.  But boxes are not the solution to some problems.

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