Tuesday, September 8, 2020

For You Folks Who Refuse to Wear a Mask

 Most stores and establishments are very clear on their policies regarding wearing a mask during this Covid season.  So why do people go to places where a mask is required and then once you are inside the establishment decide you have the authority to no longer abide by the policy?

My spouse just encountered an experience on Southwest Airlines where a passenger refused to keep their mask on during the flight.  The plane had just departed and due to the passenger's rude behavior had to return to the airport so security could take this idiot off the plane.

So you knew the policy before you got on board and planned this all along?  The airlines should have allowed each passenger to slap this passenger before he/she was taken off the plane.  If you want to protest against a policy respect the travel plans of those you are impacting.  Otherwise, stay at home or get a rental car!

I guess it will come down to such passengers being subject to being sued if an event occurs where a delay causes a passenger to later be harmed.

Stupid Selfish Human Tricks.

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