Monday, September 28, 2020

Victoria Spartz - Opportunist?

 Earlier this year, every advertisement for Victoria Spartz seemed to tie her to Donald Trump.  She expressed loyalty and commitment to Trump's policies and personal habits.  If so, maybe voters should ask to see Spartz's tax records from the past 10 years.  We do not need another politician seeking movement up the political ladder to profit personally for themselves and their business interests.  We do not need Victoria Spartz representing us in the 5th District.

Since Trump has experienced negative fallback over the past 2 months, the advertisements of Spartz have removed all ties to Donald Trump.  But, it's too late.  We all know she is a closet Trumper who believes and promotes the same self interests as her idol, one of the world's biggest tax evaders.  As you vote early, vote by mail or vote in person, understand that Spartz is not the bi partisan politician we need in our Congressional district.

Also, don't believe the negative advertisements about her opponent pressing for more taxes.  We all know that raising taxes and throwing money at problems does not work!  Spartz opponent is well aware of that fact.  Please don't fall for the negative ads that are making an emotional appeal rather than a factual appeal.

It is time we sent potential pro Russian, self promoting candidate for Congress back to where they belong.  And that is not in the halls of Congress.

Vote for anybody else but Victoria Spartz.

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