Monday, November 2, 2020

Pre Election Thoughts -2020

 It was November 2016.  My wife and I were touring the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C.   It was the day before the Presidential and national elections.  We were awed by the coverage the museum provided of OUR story as African Americans. A story never fully and honestly told in the American education system.  We returned to the museum the next day, election day, as we felt one day didn't give the museum enough time.  

That evening, we all were given just what we deserved.  A President was elected who has promoted un godly, un Christian like behavior.  A name calling bully who could find no wrong in himself and his behavior.  We as people have implemented all types of decisions and lifestyles that go directly against what we have been taught as creations of God.  We have sought to do whatever we wanted to do regardless of what we have been told God wants us to do or how to behave. Our reward was to be given a President fitting for the behavior and lifestyles we have condoned and supported.

Then we were given Covid.  Another warning regarding our behavior.  Behavior that had us worshipping everything from athletes, entertainers and all the human focused activities we participated in before Covid.  With Covid we were shown that our man made idols, and most of our human activities had no real value or purpose, except to promote our own human desires.

Now we as humans are being given a chance to correct the political course we chose in 2016.  Are enough of us going to participate in the human process of voting to correct the course?  God is waiting to see what we do.  Then he will decide if we are ready to get back on track.

Covid 19 and its resolution is another story.  Our behaviors overall shows there is a large contingent of people who have not gotten the message.  Or they have decided to ignore the message and promote human superiority as the answer to Covid.  Covid seemed to be a great opportunity for many of us to modify our lifestyles and behavior.  A great opportunity to live in accordance with the principles established by God on how we should live and behaver. 

As we enter both the winter season of Covid and the political winter, we should all pause and ask ourselves "Did I get the message and respond accordingly?"

As of today, Covid has yet to have a negative impact on my life.  On the contrary, I have learned to manage my finances better; improved my health; avoided many situations and places not beneficial to me; and made more time to spend reading and then trying to apply the Word of God.

The politics of the President has irritated me but otherwise I understand that God is in control, not a man spouting hatred and stupidity.  No matter what happens tomorrow life will continue as it always continues.  

Why worry about what you cannot control?

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