Sunday, September 10, 2023

TV Parental Guidlines Monitoring Board - Accountable to no one?

They're back and flexing their entertainment muscle all in our faces!   The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board continues to oversee ratings of TV shows with an authoritative, take it or leave it attitude.  Despite glaring evidence that many TV shows are not accurately being rated, they march on as the public cannot scrutinize or question their decisions.

I recently sent in a comment that episode 7 of "Special Ops: Lioness" should have been give a descriptor of "S" for explicit sexual situations do to an extended same sex intimate scene between two females.  The episode was given a " TV-MA" rating with the descriptors of coarse language and violence.  There was no mention of the same sex sexual activity that would be thrust out at the public in a "surprise, surprise, gotcha fashion".  Of course the Monitoring Board, consisting of 18 representatives of the Entertainment industry, ranging from Hulu, CBS, and the Parent Teachers Association, did not respond to my complaint.  Why?  Because they have that arrogant "don't question us" attitude that the American public has come to tolerate.  Also, they really do not care what people think about their deliberations.  It's our industry and you should be privileged that we are creating trashy scenes in TV shows for you to watch!"

The issues are the same I have mentioned in the past 2 years. Bring more clarity to the ratings so viewers, like myself, who don't want to see certain depictions in their home will not waste time watching the shows.  A rating should be a warning label on the content of a show or movie.  The rating system is not accurate when it comes to scenes of intimate sexual activity.  Or modify the rating MA to include language that it may involve scenes of intimate sexual activities.  Is that asking too much?

Children and teenagers are already exposed to illicit materials via the internet.  Can we at least have more internal controls in the entertainment industry?

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