Wednesday, May 1, 2024

What Value does TV news have to your life?

 I was listening to another round of news being reported on local television stations.  One thing has become apparent.  News stations in different cities and sometimes within a city seem to report on the same "news".  It is further testimony that somewhere in these United States of America, a small group of people is deciding what it is you need to hear that day.

I was listening to the news report about a member of the British royal family and thought to myself, "Why are the goings on of a British monarch an important news story?  What information preseneted in that story is going to materially impact or change my life? The answer was, nothing. The caste systems in our world has concluded that the level of human importance of the royal family dictated that a story be shared to the world about it.  Did presenting that story change negative conditions in your community?  What did it do for you?

We need to expect and demand more from the news.  The personal events of somenone's life is not really news.  News is an item that helps develop or improve a person.

During your local news, ask yourself, "why is he/she  telling me this information?

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