Wednesday, May 22, 2024

An Individual Neutral Human

 In January 2023, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) established a new participant category.  Labeled "Individual Neutral Athlete", this category allows individual athletes from countries banned from the Olympics to  participate in the games.  These neutral athletes will participate under the abbreviation "AIN" which comes from the French translation, Athletes Individuels Neutres.  No references to the athletes countries will be made during the Olmpic competitions.  Even better, no anthems, no flag, no colors or identification with a country will be displayed.  This would appear to be the purest of form of athletic competition.  It's not about divisiveness, not about geographical pride, not about ethnic superiority.  It's just about the competition and the results between indivduals competing because they have talent within their designated sport.

I would like to see a descriptor for non athletes.  Individul Neutral Human.  People labeled to our purest form.  Our one label as the descendants of the original people created by God. No human created labels for gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or country of allegiance.  No anthems or flags to which we have to stand for and pledge our loyalty or trust.  Just a simple designation as intended by God for all of us.  God the Creator, human beings the creation.

Will we ever reach a point where we could be all called an Individual Neutral Human?  That would mean equal status for all.  No preferential treatment.  No caste system to adhere to. No need for labeling each other due to the color of our skin or the economics of our household.  What a  nice change that would be!  Especially when completing questionnaires.  We can just skip down to the really important questions and not have to wade through 11 choices for our human gender.  

The human systems of caste, class division, economic division, and racism are barriers to us reaching a point where we are called Individual Neutral Human.  We think we are so intelligent, but are too stupid to understand that all these man made systems of division are partly what keeps us from achieving the purpose God created us for.  That reason was to fellowship with God and to take care of the planet Earth.

We can still reach the status of Individual Neutral Human.  It will take an individual choice by each of us to reject a lifestyle that takes us away from having God as a focus of our daily lives.  Concerns about worldly issues keeps us in a selfish state of mind.  A state of mind that focuses on such things as national unity, pride in a geographical location, and emotional attachment to a flag and a national anthem.  It's time that we cut ourselves loose from the selfish cord of humanity and became the person God wants you to be.  Become an Individual Neutral Human who focuses on being the type of human God meant for us to be.

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