Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Visit to New Orleans

A writer writes!

A 2010 winter storm in the South canceled my first attempt to visit New Orleans, Louisiana.  Four years later, this past weekend my spouse and I visited "the big easy".  We enjoyed the food, walking (in the daytime) through the French Quarter, and visiting the French Market where I found a "man bag" to carry all the stuff that makes my pockets bulge.  We took a tour bus around the tourist areas of the Garden District, French Quarter and the Convention District area.  Those areas had the traditional look of a historic looking New Orleans.

We both agreed to avoid the French Quarter once it turned dark.  Seeing what was going on in the day time was enough!  Talking to other tourists there, we got a general opinion from others that the French Quarter at night time was full of "shocking performances" by people.

The architecture of the buildings and the food was the best part of the trip.  Just seeing a "historical" city that I've always heard about was worth the trip.  Now I can finally cross off "New Orleans" from my list of places to visit.  We really could not tell what areas near downtown had been damaged by the floods caused by the breaking of the levees after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  We saw several high rise buildings that were vacant.  Our tour guides only mentioned the after effects of Katrina when discussing the Mercedes Benz Super Dome and describing how it had been renovated after Katrina.

I would recommend a visit to New Orleans.  One or two days at least to explore the culture of the area.   Thank you New Orleans.  It was worth the wait.

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