Friday, December 19, 2014

Where's a Good Hacker When You Need One?

A writer writes!

So allegedly North Korea is backing "Hackers" who have obtained information from the Sony Corporation.  That information plus threats to do follow up  harm have resulted in cancelling of the release of the Sony sponsored movie "The Interview" which was destined to be one of the top 10 artistic movies of all time right?  No, I don't think it was going to make that category.  So, I ask the question to the "Hackers", where have you been?

As a movie fan, every month I witness the endless release of exceptionally terrible movies.  Horror films galore designed to see who can make the bloodiest and most shocking scenes that will scare people for all of 3-4 seconds.  Movies that appear to have been conceived and written after an all night drinking binge by some deranged screenplay writer who also has the funds to produce their own film. Why can't you hackers threaten those people and save us the agony of having to watch the horror film previews and also save people the $8 - $12 people pay to see these alleged movies? Hackers, please obtain any listing of movies produced and check off the ones unworthy of the money spent to make them.  You would be doing the world a service.  I foresee T shirts being printed, a fan club established, and maybe even a national holiday established in your honor.  "Guardians of Peace" could then become a revered group. A reality show will likely follow showing the exploits of "G.O.P." as they seek out evil companies who offend people with their terrible movies.

What was Sony thinking?  Make a movie about assassinating a living person?  Remember when some company made a board game about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?  Now that was distasteful wasn't it?  So, why be surprised when there is backlash about a movie featuring a plot to kill the leader of a foreign country?  Duh!

Well now the Guardians have set a precedent of shutting down a release of a movie.  Now we will have thousands of hackers from age 8 to age 79 attempting to do the same thing.  It will become a contest.  Who can beat what the Guardians of Peace did?   But, the U.S. Government is coming to the rescue.  Yeah, the same government that has to shut down agencies because Congress and the President don't get along and compromise on various issues.  It's going to be something like a video game.  The Hackers make a move, then the United States makes a counter cyber attack.  Maybe the United States government will do something that will impact access to Korean television?  Then the Hackers come back and hopefully will block American's access to those terrible offensive American shows on cable and public TV.  Hackers, don't forget the access to streaming!  Hey, we could use many evenings of no TV so we're forced to talk to each other or even read a book.

So what if  movies now have to first be cleared through a hackers group before they are released?  It wouldn't bother me since only about 2-3 films a year feature African American actors in sensible or relevant roles.  I won't miss much.   Especially those stupid horror films.  Give me a break.  How many ways can you devise to depict human mutilation?  Well, before the Hackers come back and end my use of the internet I'd better finish up this last blog item!

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