Saturday, December 13, 2014

Denying Ray Rice a Second Chance?

A writer writes!

When the elevator video of Ray Rice and his then fiancee' was "released" to the public, I was among those who felt "he deserves a beat down".  Ray was punished shortly after the video by being released from the Baltimore Ravens.  Ray was quickly without the job that had supported him and his now wife.

There has been some legal litigation since that overturned the NFL Commissioner's punishment of Ray being semi banned from the NFL.  Now NFL teams are faced with the question of whether they should give Ray a chance and sign him to a contract.  The proverbial second chance.  So far no one has made that move.  I can't quote Gospel scriptures, but wasn't there a passage in the bible to the effect of Jesus Christ telling a crowd preparing to stone a woman for a transgression "those of you without sin cast the first stone."  After that statement no stones were thrown.

I'm not sure if NFL teams read that passage.  If Ray's behavior has changed, doesn't he deserve the opportunity to earn a living?  Or have we turned into a society where it is, one strike and you're out?  If that was the case how many of us would be where we are today?  Yes, there is no guarantee that in a moment where good judgment lapses, Ray will not do what he has done in the past.  Even now banished from the NFL we do not know what lapses in judgement Ray has had.  His wife is not making any charges that Ray is still a man who resorts to physical violence when they have disagreements.  Unless there is some overwhelming evidence that Ray is a closet wife beater it seems he should at least be given the opportunity to redeem himself.

It's 3rd down 3 yards to score.  Let's give Ray the football and see what he can do.

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