Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The New Minstrel Shows - Televised Entertainment?

There are several daytime TV shows which make me cringe.  These typically feature African American people coming on television shows (hosted by a white male) to reveal personal details about their lives.  The topics range from sexual promiscuity, questions of parenthood, and other relationship betrayals.  Then there are the "court" cases where judgment is decided by a television judge who may have been a judge in real life.

My first thought is why are people going on television to advertise the sordid details of embarrassing private parts of their lives?  Are they being paid to do so and is the money really worth it?  One thing seems apparent, those going on television are being used for their "entertainment" value.  It seems to me that the behavior of those participating in these shows feeds the stereotypes that exist in the minds of some regarding African American people.

On some of these shows, the highlight is when people start fighting.  The studio audience, like spectators in a gladiator event, urge on the violence and misbehavior.  The televise antics are truly some of our worst behavior as human beings.

This is the best that television executives can show us?  If so that shows us what they really think of viewers.  It shows what we think of ourselves.  In a world where videos of people fighting go "viral"  these minstrel like shows on television also feed the animalistic desires of people.  What are the producers of these shows trying to prove?  What is their point?  What is the benefit of making these shows and what is the benefit of watching them?  Is is fulfilling some barbaric need of people to see others behave at their worst?

I will continue to ignore these shows and not watch them.  I don't understand what value they present to the world.  If you do send me a note and educate me on what positivity such shows present.

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