Monday, May 18, 2015

What News Is Necessary to Know?

The news.  As you watch, read, or listen to stories pushed out at you as being "news" ask yourself the following question.  Why is this story "news"?  Should true news be something that is critical for all of us to know?  Is true news life saving information that we need to know such as approaching bad weather conditions, murderers on the loose, a pending levee break that may flood your neighborhood?

News should be something that impacts you directly.  News should be something that keeps you safe from harm.  News can also be something that you can react to and help improve a situation that exists.   Most news is forced upon us whether we want to hear it or not.  Yes we can now turn a knob, or click a switch to stop seeing or hearing information that we do not want thrust upon us.  We definitely are well trained at throwing away information given to us that we do not want to read, see, or hear.

Take "The News Test".  When you listen to the local or national news decide if each story was "news" to you or if it fits into some other category.  Human interest, gossip, etc.  Decide what value the story added to your day or your ability to function the next day.

Is most news simply "information share" about the various events going on in the world around us?  Who decides what news events are worthy of the masses to see or hear about?  Do you like being told what is important and what you need to know about?

I think weather reports about oncoming dangerous storms is news.  But it sometimes is over-dramatized by those reporting the news.  Just give us the facts and leave out the "on the spot" reports showing us quarter sized hail or the audio of someone explaining how the storm just went through their area.  If you watch the local news beyond an hour, you will notice that the same stories are repeated each hour.  That means that of all the events ongoing in the world, someone has decided that those 5-10 stories only are worthy of being news.

News typically means information sharing of violent actions of people.  Lately "news" has become personal information about the faults and mistakes of people.

I can typically predict what news stories will appear on our television news.  News about violent actions taken by someone, traffic reports, weather, and sports.  The traditional four items.  After that are featured whatever misbehavior's have happened in the community or the world or of course natural disasters.

Do we need to know the news?  No not really.  Other than what may impact us most news is irrelevant to our daily lives.  News should educate and inform us to possibly perform our own follow-up action.  Beyond that what does news really do for you personally?

Many things that are forced upon us are just irrelevant to our daily lives.  The information may make us aware of events going on around us, but hearing or seeing most information thrust at us does nothing for our individual lives.

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