Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tom Brady and the Circumstantial Evidence Ruling

I'm glad the owner of the New England Patriots backed off from seeking further review of the decision to suspend quarterback Tom Brady based on the "deflate gate" fiasco.  I did not follow the ruling closely and I hope none of you did either.  You have more important things to do than follow the mistakes of a millionaire sports figure.

I thought I heard that the owner or maybe even Brady felt the circumstantial nature of the evidence didn't support the penalty.  My first thought to those comments was that it could be worse.  There are many people in the American justice system who are sentenced to jail for life based on circumstantial evidence.  Some are finally released after 20 years or more when DNA evidence shows that they did not commit a crime.  Others who have been given the death penalty based on circumstantial evidence are no longer with us as "justice" has prevailed.  So it would have been outrageous if the owner of the Patriots or Tom Brady himself had come out and whined about circumstantial evidence being unjustly used.

Tom, welcome to the world of those who can't afford expensive lawyers.  How does it feel to be punished based on circumstantial evidence?  Maybe the players union appeal will reverse the decision.  But, until then you're like the rest of us!

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