Thursday, February 25, 2016

Comical Observations

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) at Republican Debates

The Republican debates continue to be ferocious.  Yeah, they may wear white shirts and dress ties for the debates.  But give them one week.  I guarantee they’ll start showing up wearing wrestling gear.  Especially Trump and Cruz.  I’m talking a mini Royal Rumble.  In the next debate they’ll start off answering a real question.  Then it’ll get kind of testy.  Fingers being pointed and then Trump will apply a solo flex move to Rubio and they’ll be on the stage pounding each other in the head.

When there is one candidate left I’d bring in The Rock to challenge the final nominee.  Can you imagine that?  “The Rock says shut your candy ass up. Tell me why you think you should be President?”  Then when he tries to answer the Rock tells him, “It doesn’t matter what you think!”  Then he gives him the people’s move and knocks his ass out.  The debates are all entertainment anyway.  Nothing they say is going to solve any problems.  They’re all making empty promises and lying to us.  You know it right?

Medical Commercials

I saw this commercial on TV advertising some medicine.  It was a cartoon character that looked like intestines.  I’m not sure what his/her name was.  I call it the Colon Thing.  It had the colon mouth opening and small beady eyes.  Maybe it’s me but in real life are not intestines slimy?  If you saw a walking intestine coming towards you would you hug it?  I can imagine the next medical cartoon character.  It will be a commercial for erectile dysfunction.  It’ll be a comical cartoon figure of a flaccid limp penis all alone.   Then after it takes ciallis or Viagra it become an erect, happy hard penis with women and men flocking around it.  Now that would be a great Saturday morning kid’s cartoon show.  “Mommie can I have some cereal while I watch Penis Man?”

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