Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Hampshire Primary Results

And so it begins.  The political primary season has begun.  The first results from New Hampshire were announced tonight.  No surprise in the announcement of the alleged winners.  Look at the demographics of New Hampshire and there is no surprise as to why they won.  The state's residents are 94% white with Hispanics at 3% being the highest percentage of minorities.  New Hampshire by no means mirrors the makeup of the United States as a whole.  71% of the residents own homes.  The median income is around $65,000.  8% of the residents live below the poverty level.

The results in upcoming primaries will be different based on the makeup of each state's population. But the media will make all types of conclusions from the results of this one primary.  Don't be swayed by the analysis of the network's political "experts".  Just understand that the results only represent the views, biases, opinions, and prejudices of those who voted in the state of New Hampshire.  That's it.  It doesn't mean that the candidate who "won" are the best candidates for the job of President of the United States.  In another state, California or Ohio for example, the results would be different.

So give the network commentators 15 seconds then turn to an entertainment channel.  Read about the candidates views yourself via their website.  Decide for yourself.  When your state's turn comes, vote based on the issues and what you believe and feel.

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