Friday, May 6, 2016

Fill the Vacancy Spot on the Supreme Court Or ......

On February 13, 2016 with the death of Justice Scalia, a vacancy opened up on the Supreme Court.  Almost immediately, Republicans in the Senate proclaimed that President Obama should not fill the vacant seat.  The reason or lack of reason was purely political.  Republicans want a Republican President to fill the vacant position.  No other reason.

On March 16th President Obama nominated Merrick Garland as a candidate to fill the vacant spot.  Since then the process of venting the candidate by the Senate has not begun.  Senators who are earning $174,000 a year, which includes taking action on nominees to the Supreme Court, have not taken the first step in the review process.  Republican Senators have decided that their job description does not include taking timely action to vote on nominees for the Supreme Court.

Based on the Senatorial discretion, I had a thought.   What would happen if I decided that I do not want to pay Federal taxes in any form until the next President is elected?  It's the same logic as expressed by the Senators.  Why should I pay taxes if Senators don't have to carry out their responsibilities which they are being paid to do?

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