Saturday, May 21, 2016

Re Post - Senators From Indiana Respond to Supreme Court Vacancy Issue

This is a repost.   Technical issues resulted in some paragraphs not being seen.

In addition to my blog on the Senate avoiding taking action on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, I sent a letter to each of my Senators. Senator Dan Coats (Republican) and Joe Donnelly (Democrat).  Both responded with well crafted form letters created by members of their staff.

Senator Coats who himself is lame duck Senator, provided the standard Republican party line response.  Senator Coats said:

"With the President and Congress divided on which direction to take our country, I believe the best course of action is to let the people decide.  The next President, with input from voters in the November election,should fill the current Supreme court vacancy."

Well if he really feels that way, I suggest Senator Coats resign now as he is not serving the state of Indiana by avoiding action on an issue of importance.  Senator Coats goes on to say:

"One of the most important responsibilities of a United States senator is to provide this input on judicial nominees.  "I take seriously my responsibilities to determine the best way to offer my "advice and consent" regarding lifetime appointments to our nation's highest court.

Senator Coats believes that doing nothing nothing is his way of providing input.  And he takes doing nothing seriously. as he should for being paid $174.000 a year for that honor.

Senator Donnelly's response was only a  tad better.  Donnelly said he would carefully review the nominees qualifications.  But he is doing nothing to ensure the process moves forward.

The U.S. Constitution is being interpreted as saying "advice and consent" as meaning no action need be taken.  So maybe I'll explore the idea that I don't need to pay anymore  Federal taxes until a new President is elected?

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