Saturday, May 21, 2016

Visit to Alabama Gulf Coast

My wife and I just returned from a 4 night stay at the Beach Club resort along the gulf shores in Alabama.  As a young child I recall watching events on television occurring in Alabama during the turbulent civil rights struggles of the 1960s.  Alabama during that era was not exactly a progressive state in terms of advancing the rights of African Americans. I recall the then racist governor of Alabama, George Wallace, making racist statements on television.

Even though it has been some 50 plus years since those days, I did plan a rest and relaxation trip to the Gulf Shores to try the area out.  That event happened this week.  We flew into Pensacola, Florida and drove to the gulf shore area via a rental car.  I was amazed by the number of hotels/resorts along the highway by the gulf shores.  It obviously is a place visited quiet often by many.  Whether those "many" includes African Americans is something I can't address.

Our stay at the Beach Club was great.  We did notice that we appeared to be the only African American couple or family at the resort during those 4 days.  We were treated well at the resort, along the beach front and in the restaurants and stores we visited in the gulf coast area.  Why were we the only black couple/family there?  It could be a matter of the image the resort promotes or people like myself not viewing Alabama as a first choice vacation destination for African Americans.  The brochure and website didn't picture any African American's vacationing at the resort.  Someone visiting the website or looking at promotional material would therefore think the resort purposefully does not feature African Americans in its advertising.  Only the owners and promoters of the resort can address their advertising techniques.

The resort is a location any one regardless of race, creed, or color should experience.  Relaxation at its best, especially during great weather.

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