Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Senate Speaks - Gun Control: We're Target Practice for Terrorists and the Mentally Ill

Two Senate bills dealing with gun control measures failed to get passage in the U.S. Senate this week.  The Senate's message was clear to the citizens and visitors to the United States.  The message was, "You're on your own general public!  If someone shoots at you just run and duck.  Good luck!  Thanks for electing me to be your voice in the Senate!"

Nothing phases our elected officials.  Student victims of shootings at a college.  Student victims of shootings at an elementary school.  Forty nine people shot to death in a nightclub.  None of those actions motivated our elected officials to take effective steps to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors to the United States.

Our  Senators must know something we don't to time and time again not place further restrictions on the access to assault weapons.  The Senate's vote tells us that we better all get an assault rifle to deal with future or present dangers.  I do wonder what type of event would motivate Senators to support laws banning or restricting access to assault rifles and other deadly weapons of destruction?

Overseas, a representative of England's Parliament was shot and killed on a street as she was living out a normal day.  Elected officials have always been targets of the disgruntled, dissatisfied, or mentally ill.  But, terrorists and the disgruntled are smart enough to know that you don't attack those who support policies that keep assault weapons available.  That would be stupid!  So instead they attack the innocent.  They know that Congress will come to the rescue of terrorists and the mentally ill and not create additional barriers that will keep assault weapons out of the "bad guys" hands.

So, the safest job to have in the United States is that of a U.S. Congressman or Senator.  Plus they already have security to keep them safe from harm.  The next best thing Congress can do is pass legislation that grants every American a government issued T shirt with a target printed on it.  The Senate's vote further clarified that we continue to be on our own.

Be vigilant.

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