Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tragedy, The Great Motivator

A major fault of human beings is that we wait for a tragedy to occur before making changes.  We believe that if a negative event has not occurred yet then all is well.  We believe we are safe until the unthinkable happens.  We often do not initiate change, comfortable in the status quo.

Then chaos occurs.  Whether it be a mass shooting, a loved one passing away from a disease, an attack on a child by wildlife, or a pedestrian killed at a busy street crossing.  Once death arrives we are motivated to take action, especially if that death impacts our lives.

Yes, people analyze situations and make recommendations for change before deadly events occur.  But those warnings and proposals are often ignored.  Ignored until the death threshold is crossed.  Then people are motivated to take action.

Often enough facts exist to take action before death comes on the scene.  But we delay.  We may feel inconvenienced to make the change.  We may feel the cost of the change is too much to take action.  We may feel that the change just is not worth the effort.  Basically we feel infallible and immune to anything going wrong.

History shows us that anything can happen.  We are not immune from danger.  Expect the unexpected.  It's right around the corner waiting for its turn.  If you believe in a cause that can result in saving of lives, now is the time to take action before a life is lost.  Isn't the value of a life worth it?

Responding to tragedy to fix a situation is a positive action.  But a greater action is to take precautionary measures that will prevent a tragedy from occurring.  If others are not vigilant to protect us from harm unfortunately we have to take charge.  We have to call for action or protect ourselves by being vigilant at all times.

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