Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Indiana Congressman Brooks and Her Staff Drop the Ball

I gave Congressman Brooks and her staff an opportunity to assist me with an issue I was having with  a Federal agency, Defense Finance and Accounting Services.  Brooks is the representative from the 5th District in Indiana.  When Mike Pence assumed the role as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Brooks had a brief role in considering herself to run for Governor.  She lost that bid and if how her office operates is an indication, it's good for Indiana that she didn't get the nod to run for Governor on the Republican ballot.

I had to write to Ms. Brooks twice, then call her office before I received an acknowledgement of my request for assistance.  I used the electronic email system to send her the info regarding my request.  That was over a month ago and was followed by no response.  So, I sent her another request.  No response again.  So, I called her Washington D.C. office and spoke to a human being.  Unfortunately the person answering the phone was new and really was unable to address my questions.  I told her that I had sent in two email requests.  I explained my issue and she directed me to the local district office for assistance.

I called the local congressional support office and they had no clue on how to address my question.  I then called Ms. Brooks office back and spoke to the person who had referred me to the local office.  She had by that time found the original and second inquiry I had sent.  She said she would find out from someone on how to respond to the issue.  I later received an email from Ms. Brooks office referring me to another non federal office to seek resolution to my issue.  Ms. Brooks basically said you're on your own, even though the issue involved an agency that she votes to fund or not fund through the federal budget process.

She and her staff basically admitted that if it involves a violation of rights, she wants her constituents to work it out themselves.  Don't bother her with personal issues involving federal agencies.  We're on our own.  She has more important things to take care of, like preparing to run for governor in 4 years.

The response of Ms. Brooks and her staff is an indictment of the inability of Congress to do anything that matters to the constituents who vote them in.  Ms. Brooks response acknowledges to me that she and her staff do not exist to get to the root of a problem.  They exist to ensure that they do not  irritate those who pay to finance their re election campaigns.

My suggestion to Ms. Brooks and her staff.  Try to be helpful and not just pass the ball to another organization because you don't want to get involved in really helping people.

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