Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kaepernick Sits.- "America" Can't Make us Behave Like Good Negroes

What do you expect "loyal" Americans?  Mr. Kaepernick expressed how he feels.  It's how many of us feel when we stand for the National Anthem.  Yes, many of you are irritated because he dared to express how he feels.  You are the same people who have pride in an "America" where European Americans annihilated and virtually wiped out the Native American culture that existed here years ago.  It was a European American invasion where the invaders, your ancestors, stated they naturally had the right to take the land held by Native Americans.  A European American invasion that used germ warfare (small pox) to purposely infect and kill Native Americans.

Those who were turned off by Mr. Kaepernick's remarks are the same people who gloss over the truth that the flag you honor once supported black people being seen as three fifths of a person.  The same country that kept black people in slavery to do the hard work your ancestors would not do.  You don't care if the police continue to kill innocent black men.  Why should you?  You cannot relate to being a black person because you have no reason to do so.

Your attitude is "how dare that Negro whom we allowed to come up to the big house, talk down about his master?"  Well, you need to acknowledge some of the immoral actions taken by this country and that your "America" is not free of stains.  You are the same people who don't believe lynchings of black people did not occur in your America.  Or if you do believe, you probably think those who were lynched deserve to be lynched.

Your negative attitude towards Mr. Kaepernick's comments are expected.  You refuse to acknowledge that America is not free from sin.  Your God is America and the institutions that support your love for the perfect vision you have of America.

I have always admired the protest of Smith and Carlos from the 1968 Olympics.  It cost them their careers and adversely impacted their ability to make a living.  As with that protest I admire the courage by Mr. Kaepernick to express how he feels.  If you don't agree with it, just learn to accept his right to express his views.  Isn't that what the flag is all about, Freedom?

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