Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Points to Think About

One thing the United States has been good at is becoming fearful at the news of oncoming viruses or diseases that appear to be making their way towards the United States.  The Zika virus currently falls into the "it's here" category.

Several hundreds of years ago, Europeans brought a number of diseases and viruses to a land where Native Americans already existed.  Unfortunately the Native Americans were not immune to the viruses and diseases brought over by the Europeans and many Native Americans died from these viruses, such as small pox.  On some occasions European settlers purposely gave Native American blankets infected with small box.  This was done so the Native Americans would contract and die from small pox.  The resulting effect was Europeans could then move into the land the Native Americans had occupied.  It was an effective chemical weapon strategy.  Native Americans were estimated to be 20 million before Europeans came and brought their viruses and diseases to the Americas.  So now I wonder if European Americans who know their history are afraid that viruses and diseases could lead to their own extinction?

Ironically Mexico abolished slavery in 1829.  This was well before it took a civil war in the United States in the 1860s before government sanctioned slavery was brought to an end.  Ironically today the Republican sanctioned candidate for President wants to put up a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States.  In 1829 Mexico was more forward thinking than the United States in terms of human rights.  Now the United States is expressing backward thinking views by having a major political party candidate advocate building a wall to keep free people out of the country.

Freedom of speech is often touted as being what the United States is about.  That freedom of speech also includes the ability of people to express hateful thoughts towards others.  Something seems wrong with placing hate under the protection of the "freedom of speech" umbrella.

I don't have any faith in man made government institutions to address people's problems.  Nothing about government institutions truly unites us all.  It's all about agendas and "what is best for me" or my economic/cultural group.  So we do the best we can to deal with the nonsense that we human beings are experts at advocating and creating.

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