Saturday, September 10, 2016

Defense Finance Accounting Services - Discrimination in Hiring?

Recently a Caucasian HR director within the Human Resources organization of Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) retired. That person was earning over $100,000.  Within 3 weeks of that person's retirement they were rehired as an independent contractor making some $92,000 a year.  The former HR director receives one check as a retiree and another check as an independent contractor hired back by the agency.  Legally the hiring system allows for this.  What the public is unaware of is that within DFAS the rehiring of retirees is highly slanted in the favor of Caucasian males and females.  DFAS rarely hires black male retirees and only hires black females they do not fear.

A quick look at the retirees hired back by DFAS HR would show few if any black males. Why is this?   It may be because select Caucasian HR managers consciously give first preference to rehiring to their Caucasian friends and acquaintances.  Is it fair to give only white former workers the opportunity to financially earn a second retirement income other than their retiree check?  Of course it isn't fair.  But no one is policing the rehiring of retirees.  Based on that lack of transparency, white managers are able to constantly abuse the hiring system and ensure "white entitlement" continues even after retirement.

What will it take to end this practice?   First it would take ethical managers to review the fairness of the hiring system.  Does the system favor Caucasians over other races?  The statistics would answer that question.  Hopefully it will not take the actions of a disgruntled person kept from being rehired to expose the discriminatory system.  Those black retirees not rehired have the option of filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  But, that system is slow at best and dependent on the complainant having to financially invest in fighting the discriminatory hiring system.

So what recourse does a person discriminated against have?  Publicize your complaint to as many government officials as you can.  Once you make an official aware of a problem, they are accountable for ensuring you have not been discriminated against.  Publicize your complaint to the press and the media. They are always looking for a good story to investigate.  Again if the media/press does not follow up they are taking on a level of culpability in supporting the system.  If you learn of others who have been discriminated against ban together with them.  There is power in numbers.

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