Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Okay, Let's Start the Discussion About Race

In the background of life in these United States of America, two more black men are gunned down under suspicious circumstances.  American "patriots" continue to be offended by silent protests to our nation's flag.  As a side bar, you patriots need to talk to some Native Americans and compare your being offended to what they feel.

America needs to start the discussion of race and it's impact on our everyday thoughts, decisions and actions.  Yes, it will be a tough discussion as each "side" expresses their views, opinions and brings forth "facts" the other side may not have considered.  Until we begin that dialogue race relations will not effectively improve.  I will continue to have my biases and views about European Americans based on the history of this nation.  European Americans will continue to have their viewpoint of white entitlement, unless we start the dialogue and bring both our realities into the same arena.

Of immediate need is for police departments throughout these United States of America to start meeting and communicating with the black citizens it interacts with.  You need to get to know the people you say you are sworn to protect.  A black person's first encounter with you should not be at a traffic stop where you fear for your life, even though you are armed and the other person isn't.

Our national, state, and local political leaders need to be in the forefront of starting the dialogue about race.  But, we know they won't because most of their constituents do not want to discuss race.  Especially those who live in affluent communities with little to no contact with "minorities".  That's okay.  I understand you well and understand why you have the yard sign of the Republican Presidential nominee posted in your front yard.

The only thing I want is for the various races to understand and respect each other's culture.  Celebrate all the cultures not just yours.  Truthfully describe the history of the American experience and admit the mistakes made.  Honor the accomplishments of all Americans, not just European Americans.  But, if you don't want to that is fine.  This world is big enough where I don't have to come in contact with you, and you can avoid being around me.

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