Friday, May 10, 2019

When Your Advice is Not Desired - Move on

After many attempts to offer help to family members and to offer my time in volunteer activities, I have come to the conclusion that it is better to have people approach me for help.  My initiatives to offer help to family members were often met with silence and no response.  I think people truly believe they do not need help or that they did not value my offer or felt I could not help them.  Such is life.  I recall when I was young I rarely sought help also.  It must be in our human make up to think that we can solve all of our own problems.

I have learned that the experiences of others and the knowledge of others can benefit me.  I know I do not know everything about life to be able to address all of my concerns.  Having someone to turn to for advice, whether it be a friend or mentor is a bonus.  As a black male I often find myself with no one who looks like me to turn to.  So I continue making decisions by myself..

Instead of pouting about my inability to be of use to someone else, I have decided to move on and just enjoy life to its fullest.  Maybe in my adventures I will come across someone who will seek my advice. Reaching out to organizations or specific family members is no longer on my agenda.  It it is meant to be they will find me.  Until life continues.

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