Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Abortion - State Laws Roll Back Man's Life or Death Decision

I have heard bits and pieces about two states in these United States of America, making a move to outlaw abortion except under one or two conditions.  That's the price I pay for not focusing on knowing every tidbit about human activity in this country and this world.

I must admit that I found the news refreshing.  Abortion is man's solution to being unable to control the sexual nature of ourselves.  We often engage in sex for pleasure and if birth control is not practiced the result is a life is conceived.  Unfortunately during some sexual acts conceiving a life is not what we had in mind.  The goal was sexual pleasure, not to conceive a son or daughter.  Then a decision has to be made on what about the coming child?  That decision often is made by the woman as it is within her body that the child is developing.

Sometime during the 1960s the "women's liberation" movement resulted in many women vocally expressing the view that they had a right to manage their bodies.  This "body management" included the right to terminate a pregnancy within their body.  This decision often was made in a situation where the father of the coming child did not want the child either and may have left the woman's life after the sex act.

Abortion was man's solution to what happens when through the act of sex for pleasure an unwanted child is conceived.  We have taken the gift of conception that God gave us and have created the "man" option where we can kill a life before it leaves the women's womb.

People do what  people want to do.  Just because we can.  I have yet to find a reference in the bible that God delegated to man the right to decide which life is allowed to live and which must die.  If you find that reference please send me the reference citation.  The root cause of unwanted pregnancies is with the actions of men and women.  Practicing birth control and understanding what may happen if you engage in sex (the conception of life) should be in the forefront.  We should not reduce the importance of God's gift by creating a process where we can abort the pregnancy because a human law says we can!

I'm hoping and praying that many other states over turn laws that make having an abortion a "right" of people.  It's time to return to the principles of life our Creator intended for us to follow.

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