Sunday, December 22, 2019

We Need a President Who Can Manage The Chaos - The God Factor

I have not listened to every speech by each remaining candidate for President of the United States.  Nor have I browsed through the websites of the candidates to read about their positions on the myriad of "issues".

Impeachment of the President is the current focus of our Congressional legislators.  Lost in the bickering, name calling, and finger pointing is one major point.  We need a President who can manage the chaos of the Federal bureaucracy.

We pay our taxes so that the government in return will efficiently and effectively manage our collective  resources.  We only want the funds used to provide us essential services.  Has any candidate committed themselves to ensuring our tax money is spent properly?  I don't think so.  We have been distracted by appeals to specific issues and causes.  Health Care, Gun Control, Immigration, Climate Control are among the major contenders for our interest.

Each issue requires a candidate develop an answer or position on how to "solve" the problem.  The only problem is, there are no man made solutions to man's problems.  Mankind has become so tuned in to thinking we can do anything, we really believe WE are the answers to problems we have created.

This stems from not acknowledging that there is a God who created us whom we are, or should be, responsible to.  So each day we set off on our human journeys thinking it's all about what we do.  But our time is already counting down to the end of our existence.

What should we do?  For our governmental institutions we need to put people "in control" who can  manage the chaotic institutions and practices we have created.

We need a President who starts from a foundation of believing in God.  From that center would come the ability to manage the chaos of our political institutions.  An effective President would know that only God can provide the true answers.  The answer does not mean that a human issue will be solved.

It's time to put the candidates on the record regarding their views of God.  If they do not acknowledge God, we don't need that candidate as  the leader of our government.  Even if they have a portfolio of "solutions" to man made problems.  Any solution that does not take into account God is a flawed solution.

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