Sunday, December 29, 2019

California Wildfires

Over the past year, the nightly news featured stories of massive fires destroying homes in California.  Wildfires some man originated others spread by high winds.  The fires spread out of control taking lives as it spread.

After awhile it seemed as if the location of the fires was centered in affluent areas.  The homes of the wealthy and well off were being destroyed.  Locations that may never have been meant for widespread habitation.  As I watched the television coverage I wondered why were these people suffering?  Why was the land driving them out?

Then I thought about the people who originally inhabited the land.  They too were driven off their land.  Their land taken away by people who may have looked like the people now being driven off by the wildfires.  It seemed ironic and almost biblical in nature.  Was nature dispensing early forms of justice in preparation for the massive events to come one day?  A fatal payback for crimes committed against the original settlers?  Or is it just the natural side effects of people populating land not meant to be populated?

Man often attempts to conquer nature and other men.  This time nature could not be controlled.  Death and destruction fueled by elements of nature conquered man.  This may just be an inkling of what awaits us in the future

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