Friday, April 29, 2022

Our Natural Beaches


When Europeans ventured to the shores of what is now the United States of America, they did not find gulf shore or seashore resorts awaiting them.  There were no beach rentals, condos, or hotels built on the smallest piece of land available.  Those were created much later as part of European American civilization and the desire to profit from what God had made.  Instead, Europeans found the sandy beaches with a backdrop of trees and vegetation.  Living within this landscape were likely a number of animals and a variety of birds. Now when you visit a beach area, you don’t even think that there was a layer of vegetation and trees along the beach area.  That does not seem natural.  We’ve become accustomed to the commercial model of a beach that features $400 and above per day room rates for even the most modest of accommodations.  The higher rates are for the simple “water view” rooms.  A water view that was free before we started charging money for what originally had been free to all. The current beach rental/condo/hotel setting is supplemented by the presence of a “public” beach area which at times becomes stacked with people satisfied with just being at the beach, despite being cramped together.

Imagine if there were no hotels, condos, beach rentals, or overpriced homes alongside your nearest beach area.  Instead imagine the layer of trees, vegetation and wildlife that was originally there before the area was commercialized.  Would you enjoy going to the natural habitat of that beach?  Or would you prefer the crowded row of lodgings that now exist along beach areas?  Imagine a natural beach area for all to enjoy regardless of income.

Why do we not have such natural beach areas to enjoy?  Because at least in the United States, beach front property automatically converts to making money.  Making money by purchasing such property years ago and then creating the idea to rent that area to others for a financial charge.  That is what hotels and private individuals have done.  Turn what was God’s gift to us all, into an experience that only a few can enjoy.  That is how far humanity has strayed.  The access to nature, what was freely given to us, we as humans have imposed a financial charge to enjoy.

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