Monday, April 25, 2022

The Right to Pray

 Today the Supreme Court, the United States version of the last judicial review of human laws, will hear arguments on a case from the state of Washington.  A football coach sued the school district for suspending him because he chose to pray on the field after football games.  Some students chose to join him.  Somehow his actions were seen as pushing his religious views onto others, specifically students.

This is the same society in the United States that allows students to organize into groups at schools that support human diversity.  The same society that allows the entertainment industry to push out to us commercials, tv shows, and movies that depict scenes of homosexual activities, non binary behavior, transgender and other non traditional lifestyles, without a warning to us on the contents of the videos.  This is the same society that somehow finds praying on a football field offensive or unconstitutional?

The prayer on the field is not broadcast through the public announcement system!  Why are commercials featuring alternative lifestyles, alternative sexual preferences, and gender freedom not offensive?  Especially since we have no choice but to react to these scenes after they have already been shown to us.

I pray that the Supreme Court understands the conflicting message of not allowing prayer on a football field, but allowing all types of undesired videos to flow into our homes, and streaming devices.

A prayer that is not to a specific human religion cannot be offensive correct?  A prayer that is inclusive to all does not run contrary to the human rule of separation of church and state correct?

We all know this world will never be what it was intended to be by our Creator.  I stand and pray that the members of the Supreme Court will listen to what our Creator is telling them.  Do not humanly outlaw the right of God's people to speak and pray to God in any situation or location.

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