Thursday, April 21, 2022

Patrick Loya - One on One Encounters are recipe for Death

 I saw the video where Patrick Loya attempted to flee from the Michigan policeman.  My first impression was whether the Police Chief had ever called for a "stand down" and reviewed the "use of force" policy with his staff of policemen?  Then I wondered, why would a policeman want to deal one-on one with someone they have stopped?  If backup is available, why not seek assistance? Does having a weapon (gun) give the policeman the impression that if the suspect doesn't cooperate, they have the option of going into a "shoot to kill" mode?  We have seen numerous videos where the death of a black man has occurred when the officer was alone.  In that environment, it is easy for the officer to go into a "fear for my life" mode and to resort to pulling the trigger as the only solution

Ideally it would have been better if Mr. Loya had just let himself be arrested.  Maybe he would be alive today.  Live to see another day, may need to become the motto of black men stopped for whatever reason.  Yes, the police stop might be related to being profiled.  But at least you will remain alive to share the story of how you were profiled.

Black men, we know that the odds of a police stop ending badly increases if we resist,  So when you are pulled over, make the decision to answer the questions and calmly live to see another day.

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