Monday, May 9, 2022

Murderer of Indiana policeman gets 55 years. Chauvin, killer of George Floyd gets 20 years?

 The courts in Indiana recently sentenced a white male who killed an Indiana Southport policeman in 2017 to 55 years in jail.  The defendant apparently was under the influence of drugs when the policeman came to his rescue after the man overturned his car in a traffic accident.  For some reason the defendant fired 18 shots at the policeman who was only trying to rescue him out of the accident.

Yes, the circumstances are different from the death of George Floyd.  But the results are the same.  Was the Indiana court trying to make a statement regarding the value of the life of the policeman?  If so, what does that say regarding the sentiment on the value of the life of George Floyd?

Yes, different states have different judges. Yes, each state in the judicial system in the United States may assign harsher penalties than another state. It all comes down to the public sentiment in each state.

The judicial system in the United States cannot be said to be consistent among all the states.  But really.  A policeman gets 20 years in jail for killing a citizen, while a citizen gets 55 years for killing a policeman?

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