Sunday, May 15, 2022

Time to Respond

  The massacre at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York is a reminder of past events in these United States of America.  The murders at the church in Charleston, South Caolina several years ago.  The numerous massacres in black communities such as Elaine, Arkansas in 1919; Rosewood, Florida in 1923; the Atlanta massacre of 1906; Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898; Colfax, Louisiana in 1873; Thibodaux in 1887; and numerous others during the Red Summer of 1919.  The indiscriminate lynching of over 3,000 plus black people throughout the history of this country.  And of course, the inhumanity of slavery forced upon black people in this country.

We as black people need to be more vigilant.  If a European American appears in our neighborhoods where they are rarely seen, we have the right to dial 911 and report a suspicious and possibly dangerous person in the area.  Just as the numerous "Karens" call the police on us, it is our turn to call 911 on the legacy of violent European American males.

Is is well documented that many European American males collect an arsenal of weapons.  You know why you do so!  And we know why too!  What profile most fits the active shooters in schools, shopping malls, stores?  We as black people can no longer just sit or stand by and let you enter our neighborhoods to carry out your evil plans.  Just as you have your police stop us when we drive through your neighborhoods.  It is time to respond.  Be vigilant.  See something, say something.  Report it.  Let's see if the police will respond to protect our communities rather than to just police us during demonstrations.

Unfortunately, we as people normally react after something negative has happened.  But, in the history of black people in this country there has been a historic pattern of negative treatment towards us.  Many of us don't know our history in this country.  Those who are against critical race theory and the truth being taught in schools do not want us to know because we would then be vigilant and aware.

Now we can add Buffalo to the examples of racism and hate towards black people.  Racism and hate that we must admit is a part of the American culture.

Remember Buffalo.

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