Tuesday, May 10, 2022

People Do Whatever They Want To Do

 The conclusion.  People in this world, when given the opportunity, do whatever they want to do.  It does not matter what laws constrain their decisions, the morality of a decision, or the religious rules to a decision.  The decision point comes down to what a person feels and thinks best suits them and their beliefs.  We sometimes come together if we share common viewpoints.  But our individual decisions relate to what the decision does for us.  Whether the decision is economical, political, spiritual. or leads to just our enjoying life.  We all do what we want to do, if given the opportunity.

So what does all this mean?  Any thought of us gathering together in harmony to make humanity the best it can be is a foolish thought.  It will never happen.  Stop wishing, praying and hoping for that result. We were not designed to end up in worldly harmony.  If you are a devoted bible reader, simply turn to the last chapter in the bible, Revelations.   Is that chapter a happy ending for humanity?  Exactly.

What I try to do is interact with my fellow human beings as positively as I can.  If they do not want to interact with me, or have stereotypical hateful views towards me, I simply stay away from them.  I have chosen to stay away from them.  I am not here to change their minds about me as a person.

We start our days with hope that all will go well.  We know it will not.  So knowing that, we decide to do whatever we want to do.  If our life is destined for a series of dramas, we decide what drama that will be.  Go about your business now, and do whatever you want to do, based on your personal criteria and beliefs.

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