Monday, November 28, 2022

"Florida is where woke goes to die" - Governor of Florida Declares in "victory" speech

 The education of Governor Desantis starts.  The governor of Florida has the attributes that European Americans adore.  Male, European American, war veteran, European Wife and children.  Plus he is using all the traditional code words that support a "God bless European Americans, and no one else" ideology.  In his comments after the election that gave him a second term, he made two catch phrase comments.  "Freedom is here to stay" and "Florida is where woke goes to die".

Let me address first the "...woke goes to die" comment.  Governor Desantis.  Your high school and college education apparently did not cover the 1960s and the civil rights struggles during that period.  During the early 1960s and even before, people would venture into the southern states of these United States to register black people to vote and to support their civil rights.  These efforts were not met peacefully by all the "fine people" in the south.  People risked physical harm and even death in making those efforts. In 1964 three men, Mr. Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman were killed for their civil rights activities in the south.

So Governor, you are correct that activities that deal with freedom, openess, and inclusion are often met by violence.  Your statement that "Florida is where work goes to die" reminded me of the lives of the three men murdered in 1964 and the many others killed, harmed or run out of the south during those years.  You carelessly used the word "die" in reference to the beliefs and views of people in this country.  The same country whom you want to become President and lead all the people in the United States, to include those who call themselves "woke".

I suggest you meet with vaarious components of people who express to have a "woke" ideology.  Learn and understand what it means before you condemn it and the people in it to "die".  You will find out that the ideology covers a range of viewpoints.  It is not focused on specific races of people.  One component of "woke" is to include facts about the history of this country, to include your state of Florida, that have been swept under the rug and hidden from public knowledge or discussion.

Your statement declares that the truth will never see the light of day in Florida.  You want to paint a clear blue sky as your worldly landscape free of any rain clouds.  Being a native of Florida, you know that the storms and hurricanes cannot be stopped.  All we can do is prepare for a storm and in some cases flee from the storms/hurricanes.  I have never heard you say, "Florida is where hurricanes come to die."  You should welcome a dialog of clarifying what does "woke" mean and how it can lead to the improvement of these United States.

Next, your comment "Freedom is here to stay".  I never knew there was a threat to freedom in the United States?  What are you talking about Governor?  Does freedom mean, the freedom to think one way?  The same way that Ron Desantis thinks?  Freedom for who?

I have no hope that the United States will ever achieve the lofty goals of equality for all, no racism, or anything that establishes a semblance of real humanity.  Selfishness, racism, stupidity, ignorance will continue with pockets of rationale human behavior scattered across the land.  Whomever reads this article I pray you live in a rationale "respectful of others" environment.

I look forward to the next governor of Florida declaring, "Florida is where we peacefully respect each other".

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