Monday, November 14, 2022

Taking the Testosterone Out of the Black Panther

 The absence of Chadwick Boseman was most noticeable in the overall theme of Wakanda Forever taking a female domination path.  In the 2018 Black Panther, there was more of a family theme.  Men, women, boys and girls were all noticed.  In this 2022 version only women/females seem to matter.  The major themes  of the 2022 movie are:

1.  Female leadership/domination;

2.  The male is subservient to the woman;

3.  Who needs a man?

4.  It's okay for a female to display male interests, behaviors, and characteristics; and

5.  Single parent mother family is the norm in a black family, even Wakandan.  It's okay if a single mother raises the next Black Panther without a male influence.

Chadwick, you are missed more than ever.   It's too bad the writers and producer of the film did not have the foresight to think that another black male would/could step up to the plate to fill the void that the Black Panther left by his untimely death.  No, the European American view that a black male can't do such a thing is what won out story line wise. 

I had to go to my bible and read Genesis 2:18-23 where God created woman from the rib of man.  If you were from another world and only watched "Wakanda Forever" as your indoctrination to humanity, you would have assumed that God created Eve first and made Adam by removing a rib from woman!

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