Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3 - Hostage Crisis: Government Shutdown

A writer writes!

Recall those eye catching headlines on news  shoes?  " Day 12: Crisis in Iran!" followed by the dramatic newscaster?  They were very catchy and full of doom and gloom.  Well, now it's my turn to proclaim this is "Day 3 - Hostage Crisis!"  This time the hostages are the American people who look to the United States government for leadership, action, and results.  The hostage takers are those suit wearing economic terrorists who call themselves "The House of Representatives".  It's not yet clear who they are representing.  How not passing a budget to get the government back to work is seen as "representation" is unclear to me.

Yeah, some of them are donating their salary to charity or not accepting a salary.  So what?  They likely planned for this instance ahead of time and stocked away enough money to survive not being paid.  Plus, it's not like all Congressman are homeless and depend on dollars from people dropping dollars in a bucket near a freeway ramp stop sign.  I have yet to see my "representative" Susan Brooks, indicate that she is either not accepting her salary or donating her salary to charity during this government shutdown.  What about it Susan?

I saw reports that there were shots fired near the U.S. Capitol.  For a second I thought maybe some fed up U.S. citizens were taking matters into their own hands. The sight of gun carrying citizens, lawfully carrying registered guns to make a point to Congress is something not too far fetched to think of in these days and times.

But, back to the hostage crisis.  Hopefully no one who will perish during these political shenanigans by Republican's in the House of Representative.  If there is loss of life, we need to hold those who have brought about this crisis accountable for their lack of actions.  Delaying funding of the government is not a creative problem solving technique.   If  "Obamacare" is at the center of this political challenge,  I challenge those who call themselves "Representatives" to put forth an alternate health care program that works.

Let's get this Hostage Crisis over with.  Do we need to send in a Navy seal team to get Republican's brains working?  Well, we survived a 25 day Hostage crisis in the Clinton administration in the early 1990's.  Let's see how long the patience of the American people will endure this time.

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