Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day ? of Hostage Crisis

A writer writes!

I heard today that due to the government not being funded, the families of service members would not be getting death benefits!  I responded loudly to the television, "no way can that be true!"  Hopefully the lack of a budget isn't stopping Department of Defense personnel from doing whatever needs to be done to take care of the families in such a time of  loss.  Rules should not get in the way of doing the correct thing.

I sent a note to my Congressman, Susan Brooks, to get to work or come home and we can send someone to D.C. who will work to pass a budget. We often brag about America being the greatest country in the history of civilized human beings!  We stick out and beat our chest and look down on other countries.  But, I don't think the government shutdown exemplifies the greatness of our political and governmental system.

Some may call what is going on, checks and balances.  To me it's using a method that hurts the wrong people and doesn't exemplify the greatness this country attempts to embrace.

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