Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hunger In the United States of America

A writer writes!

I don't have a handful of statistics to support the next statement.  But, everyday many people in the United States go without food or eat the minimum to sustain themselves.  How is this so?  We see much affluence around us.  Commercials on television tout the extravagances of life in the United States.  Food is plentiful!  There are numerous stores just waiting for people to come in and purchase food.  Restaurants have staff waiting at the door to sit  and serve you.   Much food is wasted every day in households and restaurants across the United States.  So what is the source of the hunger?  Well, not everyone has a job that provides them money to purchase food.  Not having a job also is not always the fault of that individual.

 The worst part of going hungry is when it impacts the elderly, the young and those who are ill. The elderly should be able to live their late years in life free from basic concerns such as where will my next meal come from.   The young should be able to enjoy there formative years and live those experiences and have all the adventures that kids have as part of the growing up process.  Someone who is physically ill needs the sustenance of food to help their body heal.

Of course adults must do all we can do to prevent ourselves from getting into a situation where we do not have money to buy food.  Risky behaviors that take money away from the food budget must be avoided.  Whether that is gambling, drugs, or other human vices.  The shameful part of hunger is when it shows up even if you are leading the proper and righteous life.  Do we who are affluent have an obligation to help feed those who are hungry?  If they are in that situation through no fault of their own, I would say yes.  We should provide a means for those elderly, sick, and the youth to be provided food.  We can't expect those groups to be able to resolve their hunger problems on their own.  If family and friends do not come to the rescue, we should not just wash our hands of the situation then go have our five course meal plus a snack later.

So, based on that logic, I periodically give to charities that involve feeding people.  What I do consider first is if there are those in my family whom I should provide assistance to first.  Parents or other family members may at times need financial help.  Hunger in the United States is a reality.  Thankfully it is not to the extent where help is not available.  Despite knowing that  plentiful food  resources exist in the United States, we should not believe that there are people who don't need assistance.  We all need help in some ways.  If you have the means please contribute to the local community food bank, or to organizations that attempts to provide assistance to the homeless.

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