Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Remember the Government Shutdown When You Vote in 2014

A writer writes!

The House of Representatives kidnapped  the budget of the Federal government today.  Most Federal agencies are closed because they are not being funded to continue with their delivery of services.  The ransom desired by the House of Representatives is defunding of the so called "Obamacare" health care plan. Normally criminals who commit crimes are arrested, put into a jail cell, and sometimes allowed to bail themselves out pending a trial.  Unfortunately the kidnappers in the House of Representatives are being allowed to roam free and continue their "ransomic" actions.  Is "ransomic" a word?

I hope you return the favor to your elected Congressman who participated in this crime by voting them out of office in 2014.  You didn't send them to Congress to just vote no.  You sent them to develop policies to improve conditions.  Stomping your feet, falling to the ground, and screaming like a little baby because you can't have your way, is not public service.  Those are the kind of actions that are going on in this display of partisan politics which will not achieve its goal.

Those who participated in this crime should be ashamed of themselves.  Do they present the best that America can offer?  Fund the government so it can do what it can do.

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