Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Frozen" Out!

A writer writes!

I went to see the movie "Frozen" yesterday.  It was a Disney family film and I found it to be excellent.  The movie theater I went to was full of kids and their parents.  The only problem I had with the film was that there was not one character of color in the entire film.  That was also reflected by my being the only person of color in the entire audience.

But, if Disney wants to make a film that only acknowledges the existence of Caucasians in this world that is fine.  They have the right to do so and I again applaud them on an excellent story.  Rather than rail against Disney for not making a family animated film that supports the notion of a diverse world of various races and ethnic groups, instead I would rather attempt to write a story with diverse characters.  That is the positive thing to do.  We don't need to beg or plead to anyone to do anything.  We simply need to do it ourselves.  Self help.  A notion that has always been around.

So, on my "to do" list is "write a family animated story with diverse characters acknowledging the realities of this world."

2014.  The year of doing.

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