Monday, January 13, 2014

Genesis vs. Revelation

A writer writes!

As part of my attempt to not conform to the world and understand that there is a God, I often read the Bible.  I currently am reading Genesis and Revelation.  Definitely a contrast between the beauty of creation covered in early Genesis, and the horror of the termination of life on earth mentioned in Revelation.

After the early chapters of Genesis comes the story of what happened when man and woman were created.  My human thoughts are "how could God have created such imperfect human beings?"  The inability of woman and man to not eat the fruit of the forbidden tree seems amazing when thinking these are beings that God created.  Surely they would be perfect or near perfect creations?  Then comes the story of Cain and Abel where murder is introduced.  It made me wonder if those early creations could not fight off evil what hope do we in the present have to combat evil?  Certainly it must be more difficult now, with more human made distractions, to combat evil thoughts than it was in those early days.

I applaud those people who are able to live the near perfect life that God wants us to live.

It is remarkable to read that God was at a point where our Creator destroyed all of the people on earth due to the evilness that Man was promulgating on earth.  To destroy an entire species except for a chosen few speaks of how evil man was at that time.  Our actions as a people since that time have not been a blue print for saving us.  Many "leaders" have overseen genocide of people just in the past 100 years.  The antics of Hitler in Nazi Germany, ethnic cleansing in Europe, and sanctioned lynching in the United States of America are only examples of how Man has behaved many years since God destroyed civilization.

It is obvious that we are on the road to the destruction addressed in Revelation.  That does not mean we should give up in trying to be the good version of what God wants us to be.  It would be very easy to lead the hellish life that would surely bring on Revelation quicker rather than later.  I would rather try to contribute more good acts in this world than perform those evil acts that seem part of Man's behavior over the past centuries.

It is obvious that we as a people overall are not attuned to living the type of life our creator envisioned.  We have a choice.  Those who do live the life intended have the promise of eternal life.  Those who don't have the promise of Revelation awaiting them.

What is your choice?

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